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Basic Life Support
NGMT's Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulance services are designed for nonemergency interfacility transportation between hospitals, assisted living facilities or nursing homes, dialysis centers, and private homes. Patient care is provided by an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or EMT-Intermediate (EMT-I) and may include maintaining IV solutions and oxygen therapy during transport.
Advanced Life Support
NGMT's Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulance units are utilized for interfacility transportation between hospitals and transports going into an emergency room. Patient care is provided by a Paramedic and may include cardiac monitoring, medication administration, oxygen therapy, advanced airway procedures, establishing and maintaining IV solutions including IV solutions containing medications.
Critical Care
NGMT also offers Critical Care or Speciality Care Transport (SCT) units that are utilized for interfacility transportation between hospitals that may require more than the standard ALS transport. This includes ventilator support, multiple IV's/medications. These units are staffed by experienced Paramedics.
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Behavioral Health
NGMT specializes in the transport, and attentive care required when attending to the needs of patients experiencing psychiatric, and behavioral conditions in which there is an alteration in behavior, emotion, or thought, that may present in an acute form or a chronic condition. This includes both voluntary and involuntary patients. All of our staff have received specialized training to ensure that these patients receive the care needed without loss of dignity or respect.
Special Events
NGMT can provide medical standby for corporate or sporting events with a variety of staffing options.
NGMT can provide long distant ambulance transportation at the BLS, ALS, or SCT level. We can also assist in making arrangements for fixed-wing air ambulance as needed.

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In a life-threatening emergency, dial 9-1-1.

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