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Mission & Vision

Everyday at North Georgia Medical Transport, we serve the same principles. That is to set a standard in ambulance transportation. We do that by offering excellent services with industry standard equipment, technology, and ambulances. 

Our EMT's and paramedics are always being trained on the latest emergency protocols to further advance our abilities to serve you and your communities. Our vision is to continue to offer the best possible care for those we serve, and we continue to do so with our qualified leadership who is ready to step in at any time to ensure quality care, competitive response times, and fantastic customer service.

Our History


North Georgia Medical Transport first opened their doors in 2006, founded by the late Richard Savage alongside Jennifer Rasch who still leads our company today. Since then, NGMT has become a leader in the ambulance industry. With over 150 employees and over 35 ambulances state-wide, we are more than prepared and equipped to handle any challenge that we may face. 


​Our trained EMTs and Paramedics strive to provide the utmost professional service to our patients as well as our community. NGMT is state-licensed, offering emergency and non-emergency ambulance transportation services out of six Georgia stations that are all equipped for both basic life support (BLS) and advanced life support (ALS) transportation services throughout the state.  


Satisfaction for our facilities and patients, and their health, has and will always be our top priority.

Our Leadership

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